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Hayden Falls Park Summer 5 Pikes Peak and Crystal Creek Reservoir The Photography of James M. Hamilton

When I was growing up I always wondered what was on the other side of the horizon. In the 1950's and 1960's many of the television shows were westerns and, although most were filmed on sets, their western landscapes fascinated me. When my wife and I moved to Colorado I attained the opportunity to live and explore that fascination - with a camera.

Ohio, my home state, also offers superb photographic opportunities but of a totally different nature. Whereas Colorado is spectacular with its mountains, rock formations and aspen and pine forests, Ohio has its brooks, ravines, green rolling hills and deciduous trees.   


As members of our families migrated to states such as New Mexico and Illinois, I have found other interesting topics to capture photographically. Chicago cityscapes are becoming a favorite of mine and are far different from the Colorado landscapes that have long been (and still are) my passion.


During my working years it was rare that I had time to pursue this interest but since retirement I have been much more active with taking pictures and sharpening my skills in the "digital darkroom". My goal is to compose and capture images that require minimal digital manipulation yet still convey what I saw in the viewfinder. I have many great shots from the slide and film days which the electronic technologies of scanners and computers now allow me to incorporate into digital collections. I shall occasionally place these into my galleries. Back "in the day" I shot mainly ISO 25 film and ISO 25 and 64 slides so these should be able to be blown up to at least 8x10 or larger and maintain reasonable sharpness when printed from a digital image.


So, that is a little more about my photographic roots. Please check out my galleries periodically as I do add to them as well as create new ones on a regular basis. I would appreciate your telling others of this site if they have an interest in these types of images for home, office or computer desktops - or just viewing online.


Thanks again for visiting!


James M. Hamilton