James M. Hamilton | The Best of 2014
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This folder contains some of my favorite images which I captured in 2014. They are arranged in chronologic order and each has a description below the picture that can be seen by clicking on that image. Viewed as a slide show and on a computer (as opposed to a cell phone) you will be able to see more detail in each photograph.
1. North Cheyenne Creek, 6 January, 20142. Twisted Juniper, 28 January, 20143. North Cheyenne Canyon and North Cheyenne Creek, 2 February 20144. Pikes Peak, Late Afternoon, 14 February 20145. Holly Leaf and Snow, 20 February 20146. Winter in Ute Valley Park, Colorado Springs, 2 March 20147. Sandstone Boulders in Garden of the Gods, 20 March, 20148. Garden of the Gods Panorama Looking East, 20 March 20149. Hayden Falls Panorama, 6 June 201410. Hayden Run Creek, Columbus, Ohio, 6 June 201411. The Yellow Spring, Glen Helen, Yellow Springs, Ohio, 8 June 201412. Buck in Velvet, 1 August 201413. Summer in North Cheyenne Canyon, 4 August 201414. Sunstar over the Foothills, 5 August 201415. Sandflower, Close-up, 9 August 201416. Garden of the Gods Panorama, Looking West, 11 August 201417. Aspens on Boreas Pass, Colorado, 18 September, 201418. Fall Color, Pikes Peak from Garden of the Gods, 13 October 201419. Yucca at Golden Hour, 23 October 201420. October Sunset, Pikes Peak, 23 October 2014