James M. Hamilton | An Autumn Walk Through Central Ohio Woods
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In October, 2012 I had the opportunity to walk through two Central Ohio wooded parks: Highbanks and Indian Run Falls. Fall color changes were present in some of the diciduous trees while others remained green and some had already droped their leaves.
Highbanks Autumn 1: TrailsHighbanks Autumn 2: Twisted VinesHighbanks Autumn 3: Mossy TrunkHighbanks Autumn 4: Decaying Wood and FungiHighbanks Autumn 5: The Olentangy River OverlookHighbanks Autumn 6: Maple CarpetHighbanks Autumn 7: Forest Floor FloraIndian River Falls Autumn 1: Maple LeavesIndian Run Falls Autumn 2: Through the Tree TrunksIndian Run Falls Autumn 3: The Falls