James M. Hamilton | About
I have been into photography since 1973, concentrating on landscapes particularly in Colorado. The mountains and forests of Colorado are magnificent year-round but especially in the autumn when the aspen trees display their vibrant colors and the mountains are often dusted by early snowfalls. Trying to capture the beauty of this state and nature in general has been one of my passions and pursuits. Sharing of my photos has been limited to family and friends but now, with this Zenfolio website, I would like to broaden that to include others who might be interested in my pictures.

Photographing Colorado has also encouraged me to learn more about the forest ecosystems and the rich mining history of this state. Bookstores in Colorado abound with publications on these topics.

My other photographic favorites include wildlife and travel but I also do some cityscapes and people pictures.

To learn more about my inspirations and what I photograph click on the "About My Photography" tab at the top of this page.

It is my hope that you will enjoy my work and it will transport your mind to the places where the images were captured. In essence, that is my goal.